Monday, September 26, 2005

We called out to her...and she whispered...Budapest...

Friday, September 23, 2005

the hills ARE alive with the sound of...

we sadly departed cesky k for vienna and enjoyed a lovely train ride through the rolling austrian hills. we arrived at our hostel- hostel ruthensteiner in the rain with our aussie friends gosia and jimmy who joined us for this leg of our journey. keeping with our budget we went to the local market and feasted on pesto tortellini, red wine and made a game plan of sight seeing for the next day. we took on vienna and roamed her streets with gusto, taking on the butterfly museum, the museum of modern art and some tickets to the sound of music. when in rome! after a delightful evening of song, we headed back to the hostel for a few bottle of prosecco and some witty banter between the aussies and the americans...we say grocery cart, they say trolley. we say duvet, they say doona. we say sweat shirt, they say jumper. oh what a big world we live in. raise the roof jimbo-raise it high! hey now! what what! the next day we feasted on apple strudel and viennese coffee after checking out the schonbrunn palace- the epitome of opulence. the next day we sadly parted ways with our new dear friends and heading off to budapest... things we loved about Vienna...

apple strudel
apple strudel
apple strudel
viennese coffee
snoring hostel mates
hostel showers
pesto tortellini

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder...

after some debate and convincing we decided to take a small detour before heading to vienna and travel to a small "gem" of a town cesky krumlov on the border of the czech republic and austria. it was like walking through a postcard. it is truly what dreams are made of. in addition to the amazing scenery we ended up meeting our wonderful new "mates" australian for friends (for those of you not down with the aussie lingo) and taking over the hostel havana. the group of us all made some homemade pasta sauce and spaghetti from the local market along with shots of absinthe-the TRUE devils nectar. once the absinthe warmed our little traveling bodies, we all braved the brisk weather and headed down the cobble stone streets into the center of town for some true backpacking debauchery. leading the pack in the pub crawl, jc and anna truly lived up to their names. we loved cesky k. our favorite included...

the snake pit
budvar the original budweiser
hostel havana
the koruna
family dinners with the group
the bus to cesky k
the castle garden
meat needles

Czech it out...

after a night of drinking pilsner in the hostel bar. we decided to take a little day trip to the karljstein castle with our new hostel mate gosia. a true medieval castle perched high on a hill built in the 14th century. it was nice to get our of the city and see the beautiful countryside. we took the train back to prague just as it began to rain and bought some frozen pizza and $1.50 bottle of wine and decided to stay in and try and be social with the other hostel guests. our night of drinking proved to be successful and we met some very cool australian and candian fellow travelers and swapped stories until the wee hours. We both woke up with horrible hangovers, but still managed to make the most of our day and walked around prague before having some drinks at the local beer garden. here are our favorite things about prague...

prague in the fog
your beautiful by james blunt
potato soup in a bread bowl
photo shoots on the tram #12
$1.50 bottle of wine
the bar at Sir Tobey's
dainty wrists
ear plugs

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Puppeteer of prague

dear has been too long since our last entry. so let's start off were we left off. prague, prague, prague. it was tough to leave berlin after such a wonderful time, but we set off to prague with high hopes of adventure. despite an amazing train ride in first class- yes that is how we roll, we were caught off guard by the absolute mayhem that is the Praha Holesovice train station. after running around in circles and a cloud of confusion we finally made our way to the correct tram and arrived at our hostel, the lovely Sir Tobey's. our next challenge was trying to eat in a czech restaurant. we dined on potato soup, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and fried mushrooms and of course a local pilsner. keeping up with our partying ways jc hit the hay at 7:30pm, no joke. while anna took some time out for a bit of journaling and introspection. we shared our hostel room with two lovely german lads johanssen and bernd, who complained that we spoke to quickly and were hard to understand. our fifth roommate was a lovely aussie lass gosia- hey gosia! here is your shout out! the next morning we took prague by storm, armed with our tour books and cameras we did our own walking tour. the stops included- the prague castle, the charles bride, st. vitus cathedral, old royal palace and old jewish cemetery. it was truly a tour among all tours and it was beautiful. that evening we became ladies of high distinction and made our way to the symphony and saw the czech philharmonic-what a feast for the ears. we topped off the night with a stroll through the old center with a traditional czech dinner consisting of goulash, pork dumplings and cabbage-tasty! class and quality indeed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Navigational terrors...

alright we must admit that we have torn apart berlin's transit system- we have made public transportation an artform. today we went on our own walking tour...seeing all the sights which included...the reichstag, the memorial to the murdered jews of europe (highly recommend) as well as the hamburger bahnhof (museum of contemporary art) and ended with some great posed photos at the berlin wall and the topography of terror...we had some great falafel for dinner and gelato (what a great treat!). as fall descends upon berlin, we plan to throw on our fleece (the fabric of OUR lives) and head to goldman's for a glass of fine wine and some deep travel reflection- all in all we took berlin in our arms, held her close and never want to let her go. tomorrow we are off to prague...

Monday, September 12, 2005

last night we made love to berlin...and she was wonderful

ahh IS techno. after a 5 hour train ride and some seat hopping we arrived at our
hostel. we have had some fine wines, some delicious beers and german hotdogs. we awoke this morning to the arrival of our new hostel mates- much to our embarrassment Anna had decided to sleep sans top- what a treat for our new friends. after our akward encounter with our new buds... are they french? are they dutch? we don't know for they won't speak to us. we decided to venture out aand try and do some laundry...navigating around and understanding the ins and outs of a german laundromat is quite a challenge, but no worries we pulled through and now have plenty of clean undies. it was raining for most of the day and we were feeling a bit bleak, but we decided to go on a free walking tour of berlin and it was GREAT for both the legs, buns and mind. Our tour guide, Andrew was fantastic and gave a tear jerking speech about the fall of the berlin wall. good times for sure. he also gave us a great suggestion on some local fare. we feasted on delicious rich german food and local brew. we topped off our night with a glass of reisling at the hackescher markt. we are pretty wiped after a full day of seeing the sights of berlin, jaclyn is putting away her glow sticks for the night. here are some of our favorite berlin highlights so far:

1. the U-bahn and S- bahn
2. Andrew our tour guide
3. the much under appreciated art of graffitti on everything
4. open mic nights at hostel bars
5. german hair styles

we would also like to give mad props to our fellow sister soldier LIZ- your undying devotion to our journey is much appreciated, without you we never would have started this trip...

peace out.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ass out of the saddle...

after another night of treating ourselves to some chocolate space cake, we managed to get up early and seize the day- dutch style. today we ventured outside the city on bikes along the amstel river to see our first authentic windmill and visit a cheese and clog making factory. we also indulged in some traditional dutch pancakes at the Pancake Bakery- deliciouso! here are some of our favorite things about amsterdam...

1. karen harvey
2. towhead blonde dutch babies
3. space cakes - preferably walnut
4. the #1 tram
5. dutch cheese
6. vondelpark
7. clogs
8. riding side saddle on bikes
9. canals at night
10. dutch hip-hop

tomorrow we get on the train to berlin...

(hey m.m.- thanks for the suggestion- we will take your bike tour and raise you a canal cruise at dusk.)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Take it, don't Break it

after sleeping off our jet lag for fifteen hours. we split a space cake and became the biggest american tourist in amsterdam cliche- walking through the park red-eyed and laughing uncontrollably about absolutely everything while amongst all the families picnicing and people sunbathing in the vondelpark. we sure do love those space cakes. last night we went to the red-light district and anna bought a hooker and some hash for 5 euros. we loved "sexy land." we have also been good little tourists- eating dutch pancakes and visiting the van gogh museum. as well as a romantic cruise and some hand holding as we took in the sights along the canals at night. tonight...more space cakes, perhaps a local brew at a local bar and maybe a dvd with karen... life is good- we heart amsterdam, man. Sunday we are off to Berlin... Tot ziens.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Space Cakes and Bicycles

after a long flight, some delicious airline cuisine and plenty of free booze (love those international flights!) we have arrived in amsterdam. the weather is hot and sticky. however, jc's bangs still look fabulous. much to our surprise, we have our own apartment and it is amazing- with a fridge stocked with dutch goodies. the apartment is owed by an amazing and wonderful woman named Karen-who has expertly mapped out all the best "coffee" houses in the city. check out her website- despite our jet lag we are exploring the city on foot and trying to think of creative ways to stay awake. until next time...


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And so it begins...

and we are off...backpacks, money belts and pockets full of euros.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

17 countries, 8 weeks, 1 pair of underwear...

we are heading off to europe...stay tuned...