Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When in Rome...

dear friends....we thought it couldn't get any worse than florence, oh but it did. rome. after navigating the train schedule with ease, we set off to find our "happy days" hostel with a sense of anticipation. the website promised an endless flow of free wine, good eats and good times. things seemed a bit strange from the beginning. while checking in they couldn't find our reservation and proceeded to tell us that luckily they had one single bunk bed available for the two of us to share and that they would cut us a deal and offer us a spooning rate. lucky us! we had no options so we had to hike a few blocks to the "over flow" apartment which was under mass construction and covered in scaffolding at the time. we brought a rush of positive energy into our room when we met our 4 other hostel mates and anna's complaints and fury could be heard all across rome. after seeing our bed, which resembled something a 5yr old would use as "my first mattress" we couldn't wait for cuddle time. we knew it would be a night of deep slumber. After our free box o' wine and lovely pasta with cream sauce and hot dog bits we settled in for the night. we decided that head to foot would be our best option and with the mattress conveniently stuck at an angle, jc took the peak and anna the valley. it wouldn't have been a complete night if we didn't have a pesky canadian snoring nearby. needless to say, we awoke feeling refreshed and well rested and started the morning off with a freezing cold shower since hot water didn't seem to exist! later that day we had to move our packs back to the main hostel where the lights didn't work and no clean pillowcases could be found. Pissed off, annoyed and tired we set off to explore rome sites. she didn't fail us. we were the perfect little tourists, seeing the coliseum, trevi fountain, roman ruins, pantheon and the spanish steps that evening. due to our less than thrilling accommodations, we cut our trip short by one day but still managed to visit the sistine chapel (where we bumped into our canadian friend, adam, from cinque terre while waiting in line - oh how traveling can take you full circle!) vatican city and st. peters cathredal all before we left for the almafi coast. oh rome, such history you possess, such wonder you revealed! Rome favorites....

debauchery & body shots
spooning rates
cold showers
sistine chapel
the endless search for G's
Louise, our funny friend!
box o' wine
teen scene at the spanish steps
losing the dead weight
sistine chapel
roman ruins
st. peters cathredal
the happy, helpful staff at happy days.


Anonymous eg said...

Spooning rate? Where do you come up with this shit? Laugh out loud funny, ladies. This has to be my fave entry yet. (Not that I am taking pleasure in your troubled times or anything.) You really have a knack for making us readers truly feel your joy (or pain, as the case may be) as if we were right alongside you in that 'my first matress' bed. This blog should be made into a book of short stories or something. It'd be flying off the shelves! xoxo

11:45 AM  
Blogger JP said...

MORE PICTURES! that is all.....

5:45 PM  

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