Thursday, October 13, 2005

We Live In A Tin Box Down By The River...

ahh venice, italy, the winding canals, the venetian glass, the singing gondoliers and those lovely hand-crafted bedazzled carnavale masks. oh what a wonderful masquerade ball it would be! yet we found ourselves somehow away from your city walls in a lovely densely wooded camping area discreetly placed next to the airport. our accommodation boomerang returned no affordable lodging, so we found ourselves at camp d'ablo in cabin no. 10, in a tin box with no ventilation and only our spooning skills for body heat. perfectly placed across from our shoebox was an infamous bar cleverly named "gondola's pub," a watering hole and haven for 17 years old, 90's house music loving, bacardi breeze drinking, capri cigarette smoking, wanna-be solid gold dancers. our highlight that night...was not the buttery nipple drink special...but rather our keen observation of our long lost fellow member of our carnival cruise dance troop. we raise our glass to you, our nameless friend and your unsurpassed single secretary dance moves. impressivo!

we didn't let the shuttle bus to and from the campsite into venice get us down. we canvassed the city and her many canals, snapped framers, drank wine, ate gelati, chatted with fellow tourists and let the romantic atmosphere of venice wash over us and eagerly looked forward to some tin box cuddle time. our venice favorites include...

cabin no. 10
house red wine
outdoor showers
tylenol pm
ear plugs
fake gucci bags
italian shades
riding boots
running lost at night through the streets of venice


Anonymous Liz said...

that was my favorite entry thus far. amazing.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous mango said...

I second Liz. This was fabulous.

6:26 PM  

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