Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sorrento...the life of leisure in the Italian Riviera

so...after our departure from rome, we ventured south past naples to the inviting sea side town of sorrento on the amalfi coast. sick of hostel living, we treated ourselves to some luxury lodging at the hotel nice. we relished the privacy, the abundance of hot water, clean sheets and no snorers in sight. the small town, a holiday hot spot for the italians, was filled with shops, cafes and a pleasant night life. for two days we rested, relaxed and slept in. we also took a day trip down the coast to positano, another little gem along the italian riviera. after this much needed rest, a "vacation" from our vacation, we geared up for the daunting travel across italy and on to greece... ships ahoy!


Blogger JP said...

a vacation from your vacation? how spoiled you two have become. i wash my hands of you both! ok, ok, that's just jealousy/boredom talking......

6:49 PM  

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