Saturday, October 29, 2005

Santorini Sunset Chasers...

at last. our traveling luck has returned. we departed for the beautiful island of santorini in the morning and while at sea, we befriended a lovely new zealand couple, mat and kat. we soon became fast friends and ended up rooming together on the island, where we were joined by a young red-headed canadian lad named spencer, just out of high school. together the five of us took santorini by storm, riding ATVs around the island, leaving no road untravelled or rock unturned. we explored every beach, every ruin and every country road. we shared laughs, intimate secrets and family histories along the way. at night we cooked as a family, each one contributing to the feast, except for anna, who was feeling under the weather and seemed to be on an endless quest for tissues. our routine was simple...breakfast on our own private verandas, beaches by day, cruise to see the sunset in the evening for some framers and friendly photo competition, then back to the house for a hearty meal, fine wine and a crazy game of "shithead." fun times indeed! we repeated this routine for four straight days and formed a tight-knit group with our new pals.

we raise our glass to you linda and colin. thank you, debbie and martin. cheers, kelly and pat. without you the santorini sunset chasers wouldn't be possible. for that...we are grateful. santorini favorites...

santorini sunset chasers
sunsets at oai
photo contests
the crazy game of shithead
wine in plastic bottles
black and red sand beaches
driving the road from fira to oai at night
family dinners
sharing milk
brutis the dog
mat, kat and spence


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