Monday, October 24, 2005

The Epic Saga of Terri & Kris...

dear friends...cinque terre. 5 lands...our eyes and ears are bursting at the seems with sensory overload...our minds can't comprehend the beauty set before us. italian fishing villages nestled in the crooks of mountains, each one prettier than the next, the sunshine and salt air has reawakened our traveling spirits. we arrived weary and after some tough times and rude comments we were able to find accomadations right on the waterfront - yet again! our little balcony overlooked weathered boats and rocky clifts. our first night we dined under the stars, high above the city and ate a true italian feast of frutti di mare and local wine. besides the salt overload, everything was delicious. the next morning we awoke early to sieze the day. with nothing to do and nowhere to be we got expresso and tried to figure out our game plan. it was then that we met a lovely group of travelers, they had formed a group and had planned to hike the 5 fishing villages, we gladly accepted their invitation and set out on what can only be described as physically challenging, mentally rewarding and emotionally satisfying. we pushed ourselves to the brink and became better women because of it. at the end of our 7hr hike, we celebrated with a grand feast and walked away with new friends. after deciding to stay another day, we woke up and met up with our new friends and had lunch and tried in vain to rent a boat. that evening we ate at the village of corniglia and had more seafood pasta, a local favorite, and more wine of course! we then headed home and full bellies and great memories. Cinque Terre favorites...

Terri & Kris - you are a true inspiration to us all, may your flame forever burn.
rooms by the sea
hiking the 5 towns
frutti di mare
salty foods
finding the right train
local wine
About a bus
the always entertaining photo shoot


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