Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Boat, The Bus, The Train...Oh My!

ah, looking back we had no idea how hard getting to greece would "actually" be. we dreamt of a simple boat ride that would lead us right into white sand beaches and blue skies. oh how wrong we were. we started with a 5hr train ride from naples to bari, when we reached bari we got on the overnight, 17hr long ferry ride to patras. it sucked. this was no carnival cruise ship, although there was a swanky dance club and some out of order slot machines. our first class "airline" seats were stuck upright and were also supposed to double as our beds for the night. trying to look on the bright side we headed to the cafeteria for dinner. the food was overpriced (they had us up against the wall! robbing us blind!) we headed back to the sleeping area, took a tylenol pm (best medical marvel on earth!) and tried to catch some z's. but alas, the seats sucked so we took to the floor, put in our earplugs and huddled together with blankets over our heads in the fetal position. needless to say, it was a restless night. being the cheerful morning people we are, we ranted and raved about how miserable the boat was and that no amount of espresso would keep us awake. after what seemed like forever we reached the ugly port town of patras. our 3hr train to athens did not leave for several hours so we took to the streets of patras in search of good times and good eats. we found neither. the time went by slowly but we survived and boarded our train to the mighty city of athens. but yet again this trip was foiled, since the train tracks were under construction we couldn't make it to the city so we had to get off a the closest station and then take a bus to pireaus, the port town were we would catch the morning ferry to santorini. by this time we had been traveling for 32 hrs straight. all we wanted was a hot shower, good meal and a clean bed. what we got was a seedy motel for 40 euro a night, that looked like it should be out of the movie psycho. we thought it was clean but the bed bug bites jc got the next morning proved otherwise, the bathroom also double as a shower stall. we went out in search of food. we ordered 2 chicken gyros and some beer. what happened next looked like a challenge out of "fear factor". we had to take a bite, swallow and then immediately wash it down with a chug of beer trying not to throw up. it was a grilled pita filled with greasy white chicken fat, covered in a mayo like sauce. finger lickin good!! we headed back to our dumpy motel room, feeling nauseous and so tired. we went to bed hoping for a brighter day tomorrow...


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