Sunday, October 02, 2005

america f*ck YEAH!

friends, *please note...we are skipping budapest and our other journeys through hungary due to some computer issues, but we were able to provide you with some visuals, so for now use your imaginations.

and we continue...after a few glasses of wine we decided to seize the moment and take a detour from our original plan and head to croatia. we hopped on the train and took off to zagreb. where we spent the day roaming the capital and waiting for our overnight train to the coastal city of zadar. and what a beauty she was. we landed a great little apartment overlooking the harbor and spent some time harmonizing with the first original sea organ, strolling the white-washed cobblestone streets and taking in one of the best sunsets yet. oh beautiful croatia, what a unexpected gift! we needed to quench our thirst for mother nature and headed to plitvice national park to see the most marvelous waterfalls and lakes-what a treasure tucked away in the country side. we then headed for split and grabbed a ferry and took off to the heavenly island of hvar. we got a beautiful apartment from the lovely ivanka, complete with balconies overlooking the adriatic ocean. the next day we became the sea captains of our own little boat, which we dubbed the lil minnow. we swam, we drank, we laughed, island hopped and expertly navigated the croatian coast. this little gem has truly captured our hearts and renewed our spirits- like a rack of wine coolers on a hot summer day. with our tie-dyed sarongs tightly wrapped and our cheeks kissed by the sun, we are saying goodbye to our little friend hvar and saying hello with open arms to the island of korcula. here are some of our croatian favorites so far...

white-washed cobblestone
overnight trains
the phantom backpacker
ferry rides
swimming in the mighty adriatic
accomadation vultures


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Anonymous Liz said...

Girls - let me just say I am so sorry for my drunk blog commenting.. I am sober now and back in the USA. miss you too much.

6:05 AM  
Blogger milk shakes said...

am behind you ladies life for the ones stuck in Paris. Remember Johns face!!! MY god is right lots of love

8:36 AM  
Anonymous EG said...

i am SO jealous! i was just talking this past weekend about wanting to visit croatia and there you are. very very cool, ladies. i want to hear more about hungary, though...they be my peeps! holla! miss you much.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anna - I miss you and had lost the address to your blog. Good thing your dear friend Suzanne just loaned it to me so that I might be brought up to date on your travels and misadventures. It seems you are having a wonderful time. I am jealous, and want to hear more. xoxo Sara

4:45 PM  

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