Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Puppeteer of prague

dear has been too long since our last entry. so let's start off were we left off. prague, prague, prague. it was tough to leave berlin after such a wonderful time, but we set off to prague with high hopes of adventure. despite an amazing train ride in first class- yes that is how we roll, we were caught off guard by the absolute mayhem that is the Praha Holesovice train station. after running around in circles and a cloud of confusion we finally made our way to the correct tram and arrived at our hostel, the lovely Sir Tobey's. our next challenge was trying to eat in a czech restaurant. we dined on potato soup, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and fried mushrooms and of course a local pilsner. keeping up with our partying ways jc hit the hay at 7:30pm, no joke. while anna took some time out for a bit of journaling and introspection. we shared our hostel room with two lovely german lads johanssen and bernd, who complained that we spoke to quickly and were hard to understand. our fifth roommate was a lovely aussie lass gosia- hey gosia! here is your shout out! the next morning we took prague by storm, armed with our tour books and cameras we did our own walking tour. the stops included- the prague castle, the charles bride, st. vitus cathedral, old royal palace and old jewish cemetery. it was truly a tour among all tours and it was beautiful. that evening we became ladies of high distinction and made our way to the symphony and saw the czech philharmonic-what a feast for the ears. we topped off the night with a stroll through the old center with a traditional czech dinner consisting of goulash, pork dumplings and cabbage-tasty! class and quality indeed.


Anonymous EG said...

wow, jc - 730pm? you are OUT OF CONTROL woman! take it easy...there's still plenty of time to party in europe. the trip is still young.

1:20 PM  

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