Friday, September 23, 2005

Czech it out...

after a night of drinking pilsner in the hostel bar. we decided to take a little day trip to the karljstein castle with our new hostel mate gosia. a true medieval castle perched high on a hill built in the 14th century. it was nice to get our of the city and see the beautiful countryside. we took the train back to prague just as it began to rain and bought some frozen pizza and $1.50 bottle of wine and decided to stay in and try and be social with the other hostel guests. our night of drinking proved to be successful and we met some very cool australian and candian fellow travelers and swapped stories until the wee hours. We both woke up with horrible hangovers, but still managed to make the most of our day and walked around prague before having some drinks at the local beer garden. here are our favorite things about prague...

prague in the fog
your beautiful by james blunt
potato soup in a bread bowl
photo shoots on the tram #12
$1.50 bottle of wine
the bar at Sir Tobey's
dainty wrists
ear plugs


Anonymous EG said...

thanks for posting a new photo of you two hot traveling broads...looking great! you wear europe very well. did you really run into mimes in prague? that's outstanding. i can't wait to see your re-interpretation of them when you return. xoxo

1:23 PM  

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