Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ass out of the saddle...

after another night of treating ourselves to some chocolate space cake, we managed to get up early and seize the day- dutch style. today we ventured outside the city on bikes along the amstel river to see our first authentic windmill and visit a cheese and clog making factory. we also indulged in some traditional dutch pancakes at the Pancake Bakery- deliciouso! here are some of our favorite things about amsterdam...

1. karen harvey
2. towhead blonde dutch babies
3. space cakes - preferably walnut
4. the #1 tram
5. dutch cheese
6. vondelpark
7. clogs
8. riding side saddle on bikes
9. canals at night
10. dutch hip-hop

tomorrow we get on the train to berlin...

(hey m.m.- thanks for the suggestion- we will take your bike tour and raise you a canal cruise at dusk.)


Anonymous Liz said...

Everytime I check my email I check your blog and its getting better and better with every entry. Have a great time in Berlin. Ich liebe dich!! Anna sucky dich.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous mango said...

As I give the evil eye to a class full of freshmen and say, "Travis, stop spinning your chair and pay attention," I can't help but grow MORE and MORE jealous of you two world travelers. Kiss Prague for's one place I didn't make it to and wish I had.

Try any weinerschnitzel over in German town?

10:16 PM  

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