Friday, September 23, 2005

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder...

after some debate and convincing we decided to take a small detour before heading to vienna and travel to a small "gem" of a town cesky krumlov on the border of the czech republic and austria. it was like walking through a postcard. it is truly what dreams are made of. in addition to the amazing scenery we ended up meeting our wonderful new "mates" australian for friends (for those of you not down with the aussie lingo) and taking over the hostel havana. the group of us all made some homemade pasta sauce and spaghetti from the local market along with shots of absinthe-the TRUE devils nectar. once the absinthe warmed our little traveling bodies, we all braved the brisk weather and headed down the cobble stone streets into the center of town for some true backpacking debauchery. leading the pack in the pub crawl, jc and anna truly lived up to their names. we loved cesky k. our favorite included...

the snake pit
budvar the original budweiser
hostel havana
the koruna
family dinners with the group
the bus to cesky k
the castle garden
meat needles


Anonymous EG said...

you guys are so 'punny.' jc - why are you using two hands to hold your drink when all anna needs is one? even though she is drooling a little bit...

2:01 PM  

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